Your Responses: “How Will $200,000 Change Your Life?”

From Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill

I’m humbled.

Shocked even.

I want to switch gears a little bit for today’s post because you all have truly inspired me.

I’ve been going through your responses to the question: “How will $200,000 change your life?”

You may recall we asked you to write in and I’ll be honest … I didn’t see this coming.

Normally when you ask a person what they’d do with a boatload of money you expect the typical responses.

Buy a new car.

Buy a BIGGER house.

Blow it all on a dream vacation around Europe.

And sure, there were a few of those. There’s nothing wrong with using your proceeds to live out the retirement of your dreams — in fact, I encourage it!

But what I also saw were a lot of responses like this one from Carl:

“Fund college tuition for my 3 grandkids.”

Or this other one from Kathy:

“I’d quit my job so I can be a stay at home mom. Maybe use it to start a new business for my family, travel and help other family members or others in need.”

Or this one from Glenn:

“I would give some to charity and put the remainder in my grandson’s college fund.”

And I found this one from Robert truly inspiring:

“An extra $200,000 per year would change my life dramatically. First, I would be able to become a full-time investor and no longer have to work for anyone. Second, it would enable me to pay off my home, and third, I could recoup my losses after the crash in 2008. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Thank you to everyone who wrote in! There were literally thousands of you (and Mike and I read through each and every one of your messages).

This makes us even more excited for our presentation this Thursday … to know that we’re going to have the opportunity to significantly impact the lives of REAL people with REAL wants and desires.

I hope you’re as pumped about this as I am.

During the Precision Profits Investment Summit,Mike Carr is going to reveal his most formidable investing strategy to date — a proprietary trading formula that has given regular people like you the chance to collect 6,008% in winning gains or enough to turn $10,000 into $608,000.

Mike has tailor made this strategy for people like you … who want to revolutionize your retirement … help others in need … be of better service in your community … and do whatever else that an endless stream of income can bring you.

I’ve included some more of your responses below … it may be of interest to you to take some time to go through them (some of them may surprise you!).


  • Pay off the mortgage on my primary residence.
  • Pay for kid’s college tuition coming up next year.
  • I will pay down my debt and reinvest the rest of the money. I want be wealthy, not rich!
  • I lost my job due to hurricane Harvey. It will make a huge difference especially heading into the holidays with my two young girls.
  • I would get out of debt, then invest the rest. Hopefully by the end on next year retire from my normal job!
  • I could retire. I am COO of a company working hard to make it a couple more years to retirement but I would like to retire sooner.
  • I will reinvest the money and make more money, and I will get some money to my favorite charities.
  • It will help me pay off existing debt.  Then I will be free to make more investments, and ultimately build a retirement nest egg so that I may strategically retire when I choose to.
  • It would change our life and the lives of our four grown kids and 10 grandchildren!!!!
  • I would like to retire on sufficient financial security without depending on any one, as well as enough to help my family and my American Indian projects (to help the youth better themselves.)
  • I will take more & better vacations.  I will also increase the balance in my trust to help my grandchildren.
  • Reinvest it so I can get to a point in my life where I choose whether I want to work or not.
  • I will plan for more investment with that money and donate 10% to church where I am going and 3-5% to charity.
  • Two years ago I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The only good thing that came about is that is a slow-growing cancer. Which may give me a few years, if treatments continue to work, to secure income for my wife after I’m gone.
  • $200,000 would allow me to become debt free, allow me to save most of my retirement and allow me to travel, to increase my education and to help my grandchildren and my favorite charities.
  • I am 60 years old and that kind of money would be life-changing.  Travel and charitable organizations are always on my mind.  Thank you!
  • I would tithe 10% to my Church. Purchase the Florida Pre-paid college fund for my son. Then sell current house and buy a new house.
  • Donate to my church.
  • Help less fortunate family members and my church.
  • Will reinvest and expand my small pest control business. Create more jobs.
  • Pay off student loan debt.
  • To pay off some debts and become a full-time trader.
  • I could quit my job as a teacher (I’m already past retirement age) and help my children buy houses and get settled.
  • I would use this kind of income to take my wife on a great vacation (or 2), and then also plan to buy a new high-scale, low maintenance house where we can spend our old age together.
  • I wouldn’t have to watch my pennies. Freedom.
  • Spend more time with my family, fund my son’s education, donate more of my time and money to charity!! It would be awesome!!!
  • Donate to favorite charity.
  • I am a veteran that is just about to retire at 69 next year.  $200k would help make retirement more secure and provide a better cushion for my wife. Thanks.
  • Help my parents with medical bills.
  • I’ll learn to pilot a plane and travel by flying around the world.
  • Make me more sure of my ability to cover my grandkids’ college expenses as I have committed to do. Hey perhaps that retractable gear plane I have been eyeballing could become a possibility.
  • Most will go to charities.
  • Retire early and go back to my native country for good.
  • Help my sons buy their 1st houses.
  • Help my friends in need.
  • 200K will allow me to start living my dream life as I prepare for my retirement from the Texas Air National Guard after 35 years.  So, I am exited to listen, learn and apply your wealth of knowledge in this field to get my retirement fund and life where I want it to be.
  • The extra $200,000 will put my grandchildren through their schooling to live an interesting and rewarding life.
  • Buy a second home in Costa Rica.
  • $200,000 would make a huge difference in my portfolio. I always wanted a new Mercedes.
  • You can do so many things in life with an extra 200,000.00, cannot count the possibilities.
  • Home repairs, make my day to day life a little more comfortable by paying off high interest loans. I have family members that are struggling, it would be nice to help them as well.
  • Open my own kundalini yoga/energy medicine studio.
  • I would donate it to wounded warrior project.
  • Oh man. What couldn’t I do with that much extra money. Pay off house maybe, help our church with their building debt, set up a fund for each of our grandchildren, and maybe take a cruise.
  • I’m 55 years old. I own a small mail order specialty macaroon cookie company that makes 17th century french macaroons and sells mostly to individuals as gluten free gifts. I have not saved enough money for retirement and my 10 year old son has cancer and is a wheelchair. I would use $200,000 to grow my retirement for myself my lovely wife and my son Ian. Thank you.
  • We’re retired and in our mid seventies. Although we own resources with values of several million dollars our liquid assets are not as high as we would like. Extra money would help us enjoy worry free retirement and the opportunity to travel widely. We also enjoy supporting Christian organizations like Liberty Counsel and the ACLJ. We’d love to give more support.
  • With $200,000 I will buy a forest for my children because money has no value now.
  • $200k is a game changer. I’ve been wanting to concrete my driveway and build a four car garage with two rooms above it for a long time.
  • Go on a long cruise and make a donation to my favorite charity.
  • It would allow me to help out struggling family members and allow me to set up a sound retirement strategy for my wife and I.
  • I’d buy a good dinner.
  • Get married and buy a house!
  • The extra income would allow me to pay off my debts so that I can breathe again. It will also allow me to help my grandchildren with their college education.
  • I want to create a portfolio for my dependent daughter to supplement her meager Social Security and to replace the loss of her spouse. I have a race with time to accomplish my goal.
  • Leave to my four children.
  • Pay some bills then travel with my daughter.
  • Better life.

In the Next Year, These Dreams Could Become Reality

To each of you who wrote in (and those of you who didn’t) … your dreams could become a reality as early as this next year.

In fact, Mike has been living off his trading strategies for some time now … he built his wealth not through traditional work but through trading.

He’s a self-made man.

And on Thursday at 1 p.m. EST, he’ll teach you how to do the same.

So don’t forget to set your calendar for the big event this Thursday. All you have to do is head over to a few minutes before we go live.

Talk tomorrow,

Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill