Q&A Call with Michael J. Carr

Jeff: Hi, Mike … are you here?

Mike: I am.

Jeff: Good. Let’s just give it a few minutes to make sure everyone has a chance to join us… Did you enjoy the warm weather while you were down here in Florida?

Mike: I did. I love Colorado but it’s nice to thaw out a bit. I just don’t know how you guys take the summers.

Jeff: [Laughs] It can be rough. Especially around August and September when it seems like the heat just won’t go away.

Mike: I was there this past summer. I had to dodge the sunshine out of concern of melting.

Jeff: That’s why everyone has a pool. It’s pretty much the only outdoor activity you can do in the summer. Well I can see a lot of people are joining. Let’s go ahead and get this started. Mike, I want to try to keep this a bit more laid back, conversational.

Mike: I don’t know if that will jive with my Type A personality.

Jeff: [laughs] So, for those of you who are just joining us, I’m sitting down with my colleague, a man that’s regarded as one of the top traders in the world, Michael Carr.

Mike: Good afternoon, everyone.

Jeff: Mike, thanks for joining me for this brief Q&A session as a follow up to our Precision Profits Investment Summit. We also have a shared screen that our attendees can see as well. So we will be throwing up a few charts during the conversation.

We had a huge turnout for the event and thousands of positive comments have poured in.  Many people were shocked at just how much information you revealed in the event. You really laid out your complete strategy.

Mike: Thanks, Jeff. I really wanted to make sure our viewers have the tools they need to become successful traders. Whether they choose to follow my research or not. And, just a disclaimer before we start … I can’t give personalized investment advice. I’ve had a few people ask some direct questions about their personal situations. I can’t possibly dive into those details. But, I’m happy to be here to help answer any follow up questions they may have on my strategy.

Jeff: It certainly shows in the quality of the material you’ve presented, so far. Now, before we get started, I want to give everyone listening a phone number. I strongly urge you to write it down. That number is…

So, Mike, we don’t have much time, so I want to jump right in. We’ve received thousands of comments over the last few days about Precision Profits. Many people were excited about the level of detail you provided on the strategy and for the chance to go for as much as $200,000 in profits over the next year.

But even though most people thought you did a bang-up job, we did receive a few people writing in to ask for some clarification on a few topics. So, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to address the most common questions.

So, here’s the first one that seemed to pop up a few times…

It was basically the early precursor today’s internet. So just a note to Al Gore … you didn’t create the internet, I did.

I could see right away the immensity of what we were doing at the time … and that this connection could be used beyond just the pentagon. This experience gave me a good foundation in programming that would help me on later projects.

Jeff:  Like your work in the nuclear missile program?

Mike: Exactly. After my work at the Pentagon was done I spent a few years in a radar station in Iceland, on close watch for Russian planes entering our airspace. A few years after that, I was promoted to Captain and sent to work for the Strategic Air Command Underground. That’s the top-secret unit that manages our countries nuclear missiles.

So, I spent the next few years working at a missile silo out in Nebraska. I was one of the few people responsible for writing the computer code that made sure each nuclear missile would launch as ordered and hit its target with 100% accuracy.

Jeff:  So this is when you first started getting into trading?

Mike:  Yes. We were still at the height of the cold war and we had to be ready to go to nuclear war with Russia at any time.

And I had my hand on “the button,” so to speak. Basically, I took the calls from the Pentagon and it was my job to make sure that our nukes got launched in the case of an enemy attack. Every week we would undergo training simulations as if we were really under attack. Of course, we never knew if it was a simulation or the real thing. On any one of those occasions I could be unleashing a chain of events that led to nuclear war.

Jeff:  During your presentation, you said this caused a lot of pressure. So much so that the Air Force gave you a rotating schedule.

Mike: One week on, one week off. I started reading books about trading on my downtime. Pretty soon, I started using my programming skills to develop computerized trading systems.

Jeff:  Were you trading your own account at this point?

Mike: Yes. I started small and built up a nice portfolio over the next decade, in my free time. And as I started approaching 20 years of service … I knew I wanted to retire from the military … but I knew my military pension wasn’t going to be enough to retire on at that point, and I didn’t want to go into defense contracting like many of my friends.

So, I got serious about trading. I took and passed the exam to become a Chartered Market Technician … and started to get involved in the Market Technicians Association.

And by the time I retired in 2005, I was ready to make trading my full-time gig.

Jeff:  And you’ve made quite a name for yourself in the industry since that time. You started editing the Market Technician Associations newsletter and led the effort to create one of the strongest code of ethics the MTA ever adopted.

You also wrote a book that’s regarded as one of the most comprehensive manuals on relative strength in the industry … and has been cited by the CFA Institute and the Vice President of Technical Trading at Fidelity among others. That book is called Smarter Investing in Any Economy and can be picked up on Amazon for $2,500.[i]

Mike: As a warning, that book will put 99% of the people out there to sleep. It’s only for those of us who speak nerd and really love getting into algorithms.

Jeff: [giggle like a school girl] You’ve even traveled around the world teaching your strategies to other up and coming Chartered Market Technicians for the prestigious New York Institute of Finance.

Should I go on?

Mike:  (laughs) No, I think that covers the main highlights. But while the accolades and the recognition are great, it’s nothing compared to the lifestyle I’ve been able to lead because of my profits.

Jeff:  So, you’ve basically been funding your lifestyle with your trading income over the past 12 years, is that correct?

Mike:  Yes. Like I said, by the time I retired from the military I had the knowledge and experience to put a solid strategy together. So, I started with a few thousand bucks, which I quickly snowballed to a couple hundred thousand and more … and since then, I’ve just been using the profits from that account to live the lifestyle of my dreams.

Jeff: That’s one of the main reasons I worked so hard to convince you to join our team. You have an amazing track record in your own account. It’s rare to find someone as successful as you that’s also a great mentor. Which brings me to another question I keep seeing …

Mike:  It’s actually pretty simple.  I’ve always had the desire to help others.  Listen, before I joined the military, I wanted to be a surgeon.  But I while working in a factory, my hand was crushed in a meat grinder.

So, I joined the Air Force where I served my country for over 20 years.  And even during the last 12 years, I’ve spent a lot of time mentoring other Chartered Market Technicians to become better traders. But it goes beyond that. Trading has helped me achieve the lifestyle of my dreams. I really couldn’t ask for more.

And when you told me that I could have the opportunity to help others do the same … to teach them how to make enough money to achieve their own dreams … while I wouldn’t be able to trade in the recommendations I made, well it just seemed like an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

Jeff:  Well, your Precision Profits strategy has been crushing it. Our beta testers have had the chance to rack up 6,008% in total winning gains over the last three years. We had a couple of charts during the presentation that I think really showed that to our viewers.

In this one, the S&P is the black line. It’s gone up about 35% over the last three years. Now, along the black line are some gains that you’ve made during this same period.

Mike: Correct. Now, the gains were made in various stocks. But it shows you how we are able to make a lot of money, fast, while the market was good, but not great. Most of these trades last only a few weeks.

Jeff: I have a few other charts that we never were able to show during the live event that might even give a better picture of the enormity of these gains. This chart shows the gains of some of your best trades versus the performance of the stock market during the time you held that position.

Mike: Correct. My winning gains are in the blue and the S&P 500 gains are in the orange.

Jeff: Mike, this is incredible. So if I look at this first one, while the stock market went nowhere … one of your plays made about 180%. And this last one, again … I can’t even see a bar for the stock market … your pick made over 400%. And there are other times when some of your picks made money while the market went down.

Mike: That’s the advantage of using options. One can make money when stocks go up or down, or nowhere.

Jeff: With that said, here’s a question we got a lot …

Mike:  Well, I have this crystal ball in my backroom and I shook it and it said that we are going to get rich.

Jeff: Laughs. And that was confirmed by a fortune cookie.

Mike: Look, nothing in the market is ever guaranteed. We all know that. I can’t promise these massive gains will continue. But, by flushing out a strategy such as our Precision Profits strategy, and using our profits window indicator, we can stack the odds in our favor. You mentioned the other day that it’s like starting every hand of poker with a pair of aces. That’s a good analogy.

Frankly, in that scenario, it doesn’t matter what happens on the table. Your odds of winning are really strong.

Same here. With my profits window indicator in our pocket, well, it doesn’t matter what happens in the stock market. We can make money as stocks go up and as stocks go down.

That said, I’m a believer in speaking plainly: when you swing for the fences like I do, you might have a miss from time to time. But even with that in mind, my track record speaks for itself.

Jeff:  And our beta testers have seen that first hand. Often times, the quickest and biggest gains come when the stock tanks. Your strategy made a 217% gain on Vail in just 2 days, 200% on Louisiana-Pacific in just a month and 170% on Cabalas in just a week.

Mike: When stocks tank they tend to tank fast. So with options, we make our gains fast. If one were to invest just $10,000 into these trades, they could literally be sitting on as much as $25,000 by the end of the week.

Jeff: This is truly incredible Mike. Now, that does bring up another question.

They don’t have to put $10,000 into each trade do they?

Mike: No, it’s up to their financial situation, really. I even encourage paper trading, that’s how I started out learning. But if they are looking to invest, I wouldn’t suggest anything less than $1,000 per trade. It might be good to start small, build confidence as well as a pot of money, and then use your gains to invest more.

Jeff:  I tell you what, I would have never thought it was possible until I saw it with my own eyes.Which brings me to another question I’ve been seeing cross my desk:

Mike:  Well there’s a few things Jeff. First, there’s my experience. I’ve been trading with my own money for over 25 years … and doing it full time for at least 12 of those years. I’ve even tested my strategies out with my own money … $300,000.

Books and courses won’t make you a great trader any more than reading a book about losing weight to help you lose weight.

But, putting your own money on the line every single day, will help you become a great trader. It gives you a different perspective, for one thing, it makes you take a much more cautious approach.

Jeff:  Yes. I mean, even the guys that come from Wall Street are usually trading the firm’s money. And let’s face it, losing a few million dollars for Goldman Sachs is a lot different than wiping out your own trading account.

Mike:  Exactly. Which is why I’m so meticulous about testing my strategies. I use extensive historical analysis and beta testing before I recommend anyone put a dime of money at stake.

That way I can offer the confidence to trade with discipline.

Then there’s the fact it’s a coded strategy. It would take me 10 years to process the kind of data my computer goes through in 10 minutes.

It’s a huge advantage. So why not use it.

Jeff: Let me jump to our next question. A few people have stated that they are conservative investors, and are wondering if this is a conservative strategy.

Mike: This is a good question. I want to be clear. The Precision Profits service uses an aggressive strategy. I’ve done my best to perfect it, as you can see from the beta test, but nothing in the world is built risk free — least of all this. You shouldn’t put more than 10% of a portfolio into aggressive strategies.With that said, the results do speak for themselves. We’ve racked up over 6,000% in total winning gains over the last few years, and those who have been beta testing it love it.

But, again, I wouldn’t recommend anyone put more than 10% of their total capital into any aggressive strategy.

Jeff:  Several of our viewers have been asking

Mike:  Once again, I tried to make this service as simple as possible. I do most of the heavy lifting with my coded trading strategy.

And I’ve created a complete guidebook that explains everything you need to know to get up and running and trading options in an online brokerage account within a few hours.

There is really nothing to be worried about.  I’ve taught these strategies to thousands of traders over the years.

If you choose to make your first trade, you’ll be amazed at how simple it really is.

Jeff: So here’s another question I’ve been seeing:

Mike:  It’s good to get into my recommendations as soon as possible. Which is why we give you the option to receive both text alerts and email alerts out when I make a play. With that said, I also give buy prices. If the option is above the buy price, don’t buy it. Wait for it to come back down. All you have to do is place a limit order. So, say a position is trading at $5 and I suggest buying it at $4.50. Just place a limit order for $4.50. I show you how to do this in the welcome material as well.Most of the time, the options price will move back down to your limit order. It might take a day or two. But don’t chase it.

Jeff:  Here’s another important question that I think a lot of viewers are asking:

Mike:  Sure. Well first of all, I’m going to give you a performance guarantee. I’m guaranteeing my model portfolio will give you the chance at making gains of 100% at least 12 times.  If I can’t do that, I will give you another year of this service, free of charge.

So that’s my first guarantee. I guarantee this research service will not only help you make money … but that it will help you make BIG money.

Jeff:  Okay. Got it. If you don’t deliver at least 12 trades that reap over 100% in gains over the next year, they can give your team a call and they will get the next year free.

What about the second part of the guarantee.

Mike:  That’s my 100% satisfaction guarantee. I want to make sure you are completely satisfied with this research service, if you aren’t, contact us, and you can trade out this service for any of our other services here. So, the pressure is on me to perform.

Jeff: And, here at Banyan Hill Publishing, we have several research services that are performing extremely well, including seven stock trading services and four other option trading services. I’m confident we have a program that meets every need out there. But, with that said, I have zero doubt that subscribers to Precision Profits will be 100% satisfied.

Mike: I’ve spent the last three years and allocated $300,000 of my own money creating strategy. It’s one of the most advanced trading strategies I’ve ever created.

Jeff:  If one went to Wall Street, they’d probably have to spend $30,000 or more a year to access this level of research, and give up 20% of their profits.

Mike:  Exactly. And you’re getting my whole code, my whole trading plan and my guidance…

Jeff: And we’re only charging $2,995. A price that will only last until this Thursday … December 14.

Which brings up another point. Because we want to deliver the best experience possible, we have to limit the number of people who sign up. This is important. Earlier this year, we launched a service called Extreme Fortunes, and we had a Q&A event just like this. During that event, I warned listeners that they would need to sign up fast, because spots were filling up. And sure enough, we had to close the doors just a few hours later. So, with that said, I am going to issue the same warning to those listening now. If you are interested in joining Precision Profits, don’t wait. This is the real deal. This is the best opportunity out there to double, triple and quadruple your money. As soon as this event is done, give John Wilkinson a call at to sign up.

Mike: And remember, if at any point during your one-year membership, you don’t think Precision Profits is a good fit for you, simply call our offices and we can apply your remaining membership fee to any other one of our services here at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Jeff: So, let’s just say six months down the road, you feel like trading options are not a good fit for you, they can just roll your membership fee to one of our stock trading research programs.

Like Automatic Profits Alert which has consistently churned out double-digit gains, often in six months or less, just by buying regular stocks.

You could even get something like Paul Mampilly’s Extreme Fortunes. Which is designed to pinpoint rare 1,000% gains without using options or any other leveraged trading strategy.

Once you figure out what you want, your customer service representative will adjust your subscription term accordingly.

Now of course, I fully expect you to be 100% satisfied. Once you start seeing those 100% winners roll in just like it has for the last three years, I know you will become a member for life.

So, again, that phone number is. I know a lot of people like to order by phone. If that is you, give them a call and a friendly customer service representative will reach out to you. If the phones are busy, just leave a message or email John at  jwilkinson@banyanhill.com.

For our next question…

Mike:  That’s a great question.  As I like to say, stocks that are rising fast today are likely to keep rising fast tomorrow.  So, it’s certainly possible that you will see the same stocks pop from time to time.

But the Vail example is good because it reveals a powerful benefit of using options … making money on both the upside and the downside of the market.

I’m going to pull these trades up on the screen … in the first example, I showed you how my historical analysis spotted a 100% gain.

Well, we also found a 207% gain.

But, on December 16, 2015 the “Profit Window” indicator was clear … Vail was about to plummet. We sent a trade alert out to our readers, and sure enough, it fell fast.

Just 2 days later the signal reversed and we got out of the trade for a gain of 218%.

Jeff: 218% in just 2 days is unheard of.

Jeff:  So we have the same stock, with two different ways to make money. Two times when it’s going up and again when it’s going down.

Mike:  Exactly. But let me be clear. If the overall market is still in a bull phase, we don’t aim for falling stocks. There’s just too much money to be made finding stocks that are going up.

But when we hit those bear market times, like 2008, I have no problem flipping the strategy to make big gains on the way down.

Jeff:  That makes sense. You don’t want to “swim against the current” of the markets. So you find the fastest rising stocks in bull markets and the fastest falling stocks in bear markets.

Here’s another question:

Mike: Right now, I’ve been finding four or five a month. But it does vary. I’ve had months where just one trade pops up and other months where six pop up.

With that said, even during the busier months, it only takes about 10 minutes to make a trade. Considering that beta testers have had the chance to rack up big gains of 100%, 200% or more in just a few days, that doesn’t sound too bad. Last week, alone, we closed out three trades for total gains of 400%.

Jeff:  I still can barely believe it. I was on the list, watching those trades come in. And every day I was amazed at what you were able to accomplish. I’ve never seen so many big winners so quickly.

Which brings me to the next question…

Mike:  No. I will be able to tell if we hit the benchmark by using the buy and sell prices at the time of the recommendations and what we have recorded in our model portfolio. I’m going to judge it by my performance, not your performance. This keeps me more accountable.

And here’s the thing: Many of these gains will be far bigger than 100%. Some have jumped up to 250% and even 417%.

I’m going to pull up this chart again…

When you add up all these gains, they amount to over 6,000% in winning gains. Do the simple math. That’s 2,000% in winning gains in a year. Enough to turn every $10,000 into $200,000.

Now of course, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results — but my historical analysis, combined with the beta-test results makes the profit opportunity here clear.

So 12 trades that produce 100% in profits, well, honestly, I think we can knock that out of the park.

Jeff:  That makes sense. Which brings me to another question I’ve seen come up:

Jeff: A quick question:

Mike: I personally think it’s a good idea because your gains aren’t taxed, or at least they are deferred. However, some brokers might hassle you over it. Just let them know you are reading research from an experienced options expert … a Chartered Market Technician.

Jeff: Well I’m certain that’s very reassuring to anyone who’s watching. As I look at these results … I have to keep repeating it because it’s true … these are some of the most remarkable trading results I have ever seen.

When you think that the stock market has only gains about 35% over the last three years, but you’ve made all these BIG wins, it’s just incredible.

Mike:  Thank you, Jeff. This is the same type of strategy I’ve been using for the last 12 years to achieve the lifestyle of my dreams.

I’m just excited to be able to use all the knowledge I’ve accumulated to start helping others achieve all their dreams. And as our readers can probably see by now, every second they hesitate could potentially cost them thousands of dollars in profits.

So I urge anyone that’s still on the fence to act as soon as possible.

Jeff:  Especially considering if they act today they can save 40% off the retail price of $5,000. That means they only pay $2,995.

Remember, people have already been trading this service for three years. Even just $1,000 invested in a trade like Microsoft …. which jumped 416% … would pay for the service … and then some.

Take a look at some of the results for yourself … Charles wrote us an email saying he made $15,000 from three trades.

Now, that could be you in the next month or two.

This is an email from Michael. He explains that he made $6,000 from the Microsoft trade.

And this is an email from Ed. He wrote that he has made $50,000 thanks to this strategy.

Here’s an email from Morgonn who made $24,000

And your membership is virtually risk free because you can always get a different service if you decide Precision Profits is not for you.

Plus, Mike will give you a free year of service if he doesn’t deliver the chance to make at least 1,200% in winning gains over the next year.

So, with all that in mind, there are three ways you can get started.

Mike: Yes. My profits window indicator is screaming a buy on one particular position right now. I plan to issue the trade tomorrow at 1 p.m. I think this could be another 400% … and completely help people pay for the service.

Jeff:  Great news. So, tomorrow, at 1 p.m. sharp, you will be issuing your next trade, and you think it could go up as much as 400%.

Mike: Yes.

Jeff: Well, with that said, if those listening right now are on the fence about joining the Precision Profits service, stop thinking it through, and act now. A trade like this, if it works out, could pay for your membership fee within a few days.

Mike, one other point I want to make. And this is my big announcement. We’ve had a lot of people asking if they could try this out on a trial period. Just try it out for … say … three months, and see what happens.

Mike: I think it’s a great idea. However, we don’t have this option set up on our order page. So, I spoke with John Wilkinson, and what you can do is give him a call. He will set it up so that it is still a one-year subscription, but instead of paying the full price all at once, you will just pay one-fourth of it. Just $750. And then after the three months he will automatically bill you the rest.

Jeff: So, they could take that $2,250 they are saving and put it in this first trade tomorrow. If that does 400% like the Microsoft trade … well, they could walk away with an $8,000 gain right there.

Mike: Correct. They will just have to pay $750 to get started, but they must contact John to get that payment plan set up?

Jeff: Okay, so I am putting that phone number back up on the screen now. Thanks Mike.

Mike: Thank you for putting this Q&A session on.

Jeff: I just want to reiterate, spots are extremely limited for the Precision Profits research service. From what I’m hearing from customer service, we are almost filled up. Which means we may have to take down this offer at any moment.

So, if you want the chance to go for up to $200,000 in profits over the next 12 months, I suggest you order right away. If we work together, I’m confident I can help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams, just like Mike has.

Thanks for listening.