This 1 Trade Gave Our Beta Testers the Chance to Turn Every $10,000 Into $41,600…
in Less Than a Week

From the Desk of Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director

I have to admit…

Mike and I were going to hold this trade example for the live summit this Thursday.

But, I convinced him to share it now.

It’s just too good and too powerful to not tell you.

This one trade gave our beta testers the chance to make…

416% … in four days.

That’s unheard of.

Every $10,000 they invested would have turned into $41,600 in less than a week.

And you’ll never guess which stock gave them the opportunity.

It wasn’t some upstart biotech stock … it wasn’t Snapchat (Snap) or Netflix or any other “hot stock” in the market.

It’s a company that’s been around for years. A company declared boring and dead in the water … Microsoft.

Yes, of all companies, Microsoft gave our beta testers the chance at a 416% gain in four days.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

I called Mike up yesterday to discuss it with him. I posted a transcript of our call below. During it, Mike walks me from start to finish detailing exactly how he made this trade and what tipped him off that this one was going to be BIG.

So take a moment to read through our conversation.

Mike: This is Mike.

Jeff: Hey Mike, this is Jeff. How are you doing?

Mike: Well, my Broncos just got trounced by your Dolphins. So, I’ve had better Sundays.

Jeff: **laughs** Yeah, that’s pretty bad. But hey, at least your beta testers are winning.

Mike: Yes. This strategy is going great. And now that the three years are up, we can finally show this strategy to a larger audience. So I’m geared up and excited to reveal it to those who’ve joined up for the summit. I arrive Wednesday morning … so I can have a day to thaw out before the big event.

Jeff: Makes sense to me. Florida is beautiful this time of the year. Plus, that will give us a chance to go over some last minute notes.

With that said, thanks for taking the time to talk to me this morning about the Microsoft trade. The more I looked at it, the more I realized that it’s the perfect example of your Precision Profits strategy and that it would be great to share this trade with our summit attendees now rather than wait. So, just a heads up, this call is being recorded.

Mike: Okay. Great.

Jeff: I think what’s so impressive is that you closed this 416% gain in just four days.

Mike: Right, in four days. We really nailed it with this one.

Jeff: So, walk me through the trade. How on earth did Microsoft make such huge gains for the beta testers.

Mike: So, it’s pretty simple. It triggered a “buy” with my profits window indicator. It’s a key part of my strategy. The profits window indicator is proprietary. Nobody else has it. And that gives us a HUGE advantage. It’s like getting a 3 second head start in a 100 yard dash. It doesn’t guarantee a win, but it sure gives us a leg up on our competitors.

Jeff: So explain this profit window indicator a bit.

Mike: Sure. Let’s do this … I sent you an email a few seconds ago. Let me know when you get it. If this is like our last call you will transcribe our talk and then perhaps you could also show some charts. It’s hard to explain without the charts.

Jeff: Got the email. This looks like the profit window chart.

Mike: Yes. As you can see, Microsoft had just entered a profit window. I circled that in green. Now, of course you can see when I told them to sell it as well.

Jeff: I can see that.

Mike: So, for our beta testers, it’s as easy as that. If they can see the green circle and the red circle, and follow some instructions, then they can take advantage of my Precision Profits strategy.

Jeff: But what is it exactly?

Mike: Well, I’m gonna go into the details of that during the live interview on Thursday. So I don’t want to give away too much. Instead, take a look at that other email I just sent you … with the trade alert.

Jeff: I see this is the Microsoft trade that you sent out, and yes, I will make sure to put that in the transcript as well.

[Editor’s note: If you are not familiar with options, you will want to read Mike’s explanation of why he uses options in this article]

Mike: Good. So, I’m showing this because it is just one aspect of what goes into everything. It’s a bit of a behind the scenes.

This is a screenshot of the actual trade alert that I sent to our beta testers on October 23.

I’ll read through it real quick.

Microsoft’s Uptrend Has a 75% Win Rate

October 23, 2017
Let’s make a trade in Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT).

Microsoft will release its earnings after the close this Thursday. The stock will likely make a big move on Friday. So I’m recommending we buy call options that will expire on Friday.

I want to be clear that this is a unique type of trade. We are betting on a quick move — and I believe our options will deliver a significant gain. (Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend this trade.) But because this is such a short-term opportunity, there is a possibility that this could deliver a complete loss on Friday.

Here’s why the odds favor a significant gain:

The chart below shows that Microsoft is near the end of a strong seasonal uptrend. The vertical line shows where we are today. As you can see, the end of that uptrend coincides with Microsoft’s earnings announcement — so this is an ideal opportunity for us.

Better yet, in the past 20 years, the stock has rallied 75% of the time during this week — with an average gain of 4.1%.

If this week simply falls within the average trend, Microsoft should be trading at about $82 after its earnings announcement.

So by holding these call options, we’ll be ideally positioned to benefit from that jump.

So, as you can see … Microsoft was moving up … it had a lot of great momentum.

And, I also knew that earnings announcements were coming up … after the market closed on Thursday, October 26 they would report. And, with that, I knew that 75% of the time they reported, they made gains.

Jeff: So, making the trade was a no brainer.

Mike: Exactly. With the right data in place it’s easy to make a trade like this.

Now, I could have told my beta testers to buy the stock for $78.81. But, instead, I recommended to buy the option for just $1.45.

Jeff: So about one-fiftieth of the cost.

Mike: Dirt cheap, Jeff. But of course, the beta testers could buy as many or few as they wanted. They could invest $500 or $1,000 or $10,000. Whatever they felt comfortable with, even paper trades for those who use my service to get a feel for the markets.

Jeff: Sure. And making the trade is simple. I can see from the trade alert that you told people exactly what to do. If they wanted to trade, all they have to do is log in to their brokerage account, or call their broker, decide how much they want to trade, and place the trade. It only takes a few minutes.

Mike: Exactly.

So, I sent my beta testers an email recommending to buy the option. I gave them all the details, then four days later, I told them it was time to get out of the trade. Microsoft stock has jumped just as we expected.

Jeff: But instead of jumping 4.1%, the stock jumped 7%.

Mike: Right. So that Friday I sent them a sell alert via email. You also have a copy of that in your inbox.

Jeff: Yup. I have it in front of me and will show it in the transcription of this conversation.

Mike: Great. I’ll let our summit attendees read that for themselves then.

Trade Alert: Take Profits in Microsoft

October 27, 2017

We bought weekly calls in Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT) this Monday to capture a quick earnings-related pop.

And the stock is performing just as we expected.

Microsoft’s earnings report came out after the close yesterday, and the news is great. The company reported $24.5 billion in revenue, beating expectations of $23.56 billion. And its earnings came in at $0.84 per share — nicely topping estimates of $0.72.

Investors were thrilled, and the stock climbed more than 7% at the open, meaning our calls are up a fantastic 260%.

To everyone who participated, a big congrats! You’re walking away with a 260% gain in just a week, and I couldn’t be happier for you.

In fact, this was such a good earnings report that there could be further strong gains ahead for the company, so I may find another trade in the stock soon.

But, in the meantime, we need to exit this position today. So let’s grab our gains.

Here’s the thing. By the time I recommended to close the trade, the option was up 416%.

Jeff: And the beta testers made fortunes overnight. Here are some of the emails that came in … writing in that they made much more than that.

Nice Work Michael.

I am up over $77,000 since July 6th (that’s less than 4 months by my calendar!)

Keep up the good work. Many thanks to you both!

Michael Car,

I am overwhelmed and ever grateful for the service you provide. In just 2 options trades, Walgreens and Microsoft, I have made over $50,000 which is exciting. To watch and anticipate the opening bell today and see it execute precisely as you instructed truly defines “Precision Proftis”.

Thank you again.

I made $234,000 on MSFT this morning

Very happy, thanks!

Smile and have a great day!

So Mike, these guys have made $50,000 … $24,000 and $77,000.

Mike: I love it when I get emails like this. It makes it all worth it. I truly love it. I can’t say that enough.

Jeff: I’m still struggling to wrap my head around it. 416% in a week. No one does that!

Mike: This was a great win for us.

Jeff: So what does this mean for the future of the Precision Profits strategy? Those who are going to be reading this transcript are also going to be watching us this Thursday. Can they expect to make gains like this as well?

Mike: Yes. Look, the market is on fire right now. I expect it to rally tomorrow on the news of the tax plan. Hate the plan or love the plan, it’s great for the stock market. Once this plan goes into effect, these companies will see their taxes drop significantly. That’s a lot more profits and those gains trickle down to the investors.

2018 is going to be a banner year.

And those who use my Precision Profits strategy will have a chance to make more money in 2018 than they’ve had the chance to make in the last 20 years.

Jeff: But your Precision Profits strategy even works when the market goes down?

Mike: Yes. Some of our biggest gains came when stocks tanked. I will show some examples during the live summit. These gains are usually even bigger.

Jeff: And nobody else has access to your Precision Profits strategy.

Mike: Nobody. This is proprietary.

Jeff: It’s almost unfair

Mike: **laughs** Well, it’s like having Peyton Manning as your quarterback. When the Broncos signed him in 2012 we knew we had a big chance to win the super bowl. It took three years, but we got there! And now that he is gone, we are losing to teams like the Dolphins.

And Jeff, as mentioned, 2018 is going to be a banner year in the stock market.

Jeff: So what you’re saying is that we could actually be on the road to seeing even HIGHER gains?

Mike: Well, nothing’s guaranteed, but I think the facts speak for themselves. Over the last three years, the beta testers have had the chance to target over 6,000% in total winning gains using this exact strategy.

Again, nothing in the market is guaranteed — but I think the potential here is clear. In fact, I’m targeting the next potential triple-digit winner right now — we could have two this week and two next weeks — which is why now is the best possible time to share it with those who will be watching on Thursday.

Jeff: Well, I for one can’t wait to see what you have to show us.

Mike: I’m looking forward to it as well Jeff. Let’s review everything on Thursday afternoon when I get into town.

Jeff: Sounds like a plan. Well Mike, thanks for your time. And congratulations again on these incredible results.

Mike: Thanks Jeff, I’ll talk to you later this week.

I hope you enjoyed listening in on the conversation with Mike.

Thanks to a small piece of insight that showed Microsoft stock was about to pop, Mike’s beta testers had the chance to close out a 416% gain in less than a week.

And while this trade was indeed exceptional … Mike has a long history of unearthing trades of this size. See our winning gains below…

And considering his Precision Profits strategy has posted 6,000% in total winning gains over the last three years … we know you’ll be excited by what Mike has to show you.

The best part is, Mike has designed the strategy so that ANYONE can use it.

And he’ll show you exactly how on Thursday, December 7 at 1 p.m. EST.

Just head over to about 10 minutes before it airs.

And don’t forget to catch up on all the amazing articles Mike has written for you this past week.

Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill Publishing