A Personal Message From Mike Carr

Tomorrow’s the big day.

I’ll send you a reminder tomorrow before Jeff Yastine and I go live … but I wanted to take a moment to write you one final email before the big event.

I’ve spent a lot of time this past week telling you what I do and how I got into this business.

  • Last Thursday, Jeff gave you a little insight into my military background and how I made the switch from designing nuclear missiles for the Air Force to coding precise profit strategies.
  • On Friday, I told you about my “Principle of ONE” … and on Saturday I showed you the No. 1 indicator I use to determine whether a stock is about to go up or down.
  • I also talked about “the master trader’s secret weapon” on Sunday, and how I use options to increase profits by 20-fold, reduce risk, and target stocks that both go up AND down.
  • Finally, Jeff shared with you a transcript of a call he and I had Monday morning, in which I walked you through from start to finish how Precision Profits beta testers were able to make a 416% gain on Microsoft in just four days (and why we can expect results like these in the future).

It’s been a lot of material to wade through, and I congratulate you for reading through all of it. You’re well prepared for the event tomorrow.

But I want to spend some time today to share a little more personal note with you.

Today, I’m a little embarrassed to admit … but I’m a wealthy man.

I worked long and hard to create the life I have for myself and my family.

But the truth is, it wasn’t easy.

I loved serving my country and I had plenty of memorable experiences that last to this day. I got to work at the Pentagon. I lived for a year in an underground missile silo in Nebraska. I traveled the world … and then some.

So I don’t regret my time in the military for a second.

But I knew that my military paycheck wasn’t going to create long-lasting wealth for me.

I knew that if I was going to make a better life for myself, my wife and our children … I’d have to do something different. $30,000 a year just wasn’t going to cut it.

That’s how I discovered trading.

It was an abstract concept for me at the time, but I understood on some level that the stock market was the best vehicle for upward mobility we have available to us in this country…

So, I decided to commit my time to mastering it.

I started reading every manual and book on the market I could find.

And I’ll be the first to admit … I didn’t start out as an expert.

I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning. I’d put too much in a single trade and spend weeks earning enough money to get back on the saddle. I’d make hasty decisions based on gut instinct without checking my steps. But every penny lost was a learning experience and I committed to never make the same mistake twice.

Then eventually … I started to get the hang of it.

Rather than losing hundreds, I started to make thousands.

Then I started to increase my annual income by tens of thousands.

And eventually … I was pulling in six-figures from my trading strategies alone.

Suddenly, my wife and I realized we’d never have to work a day in our lives again.

I could retire from the military and donate my pension to charity for all we cared.

We started living the life of our dreams.

We started spending more time together as a family.

We moved out to our dream home in Colorado.

And we socked enough money away that neither we nor our children would ever have to worry about money again.

I Tell You All This
for 1 Reason

A few years ago I came to a revelation…

Getting rich wasn’t enough for me.

Once I reached the point where I realized I’d never have to worry about money again … I realized it was time to pay it forward.

I wanted to help others do the same.

And that’s what I’ve dedicated my life to doing ever since.

I’ve applied all my skills toward designing and coding profitable trading strategies that people can apply in their very own trading accounts.

And I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback over the years.

“Thank you so much Michael! I sold the position in Caterpillar this morning for what looked like about the highest gain possible — and I couldn’t believe my eyes! Keep up the amazing work. A true heartfelt thank you for all that you do.” — Max W.

“I finally took the plunge and began trading options with your advice. I made my first $2,240 gain in less than three weeks!” — Dave W.

“Overall, I have been very pleased with your service! I have participated in about 10 of your trades so far for a profit of over $14,000. Keep up the great work!” — John M.

“Thanks Mike. Good job. I made $15,000 from these three trades alone.” — Charles K.

“A 363% gain on today’s trade. Even when the trades don’t do as well as hoped, I still have made more money than I have lost. All in all, I couldn’t be happier!” — Michelle M.

“Michael … in just two trades I have made over $50,000. This truly defines ‘Precision Profits.’ Thank you, again.” — Edward S.

“Total return of 302.5%. Thanks and best regards.” — Jerry D.

“Thank you so much for your service! I never thought I’d be able to achieve financial freedom in the near future, but with your help, it seems possible now! Reading your emails has become a big part of my daily life now, and I have learned so much from your valuable insights.” — Yvonne W.

“I made $24,000 on MSFT this morning. Thanks and have a great day.” — Morgan S.

“Up $77,000 since July 6. Many thanks!” — Greg E.

I love waking up to read emails like these every single day.

Now I know I’m not just helping myself live the life that I want … I’m helping others do the same.

And Now … It’s Your Turn

Tomorrow, I’m going to reveal to you what I believe is my most powerful trading strategy to date.

I call it “Precision Profits,” and I gave it that name for a reason.

This system helps me identify the exact moment a stock is about to jump big and all told, we’ve seen total winning gains of 6,008% over the last three years of testing this strategy.

Including HUGE returns of:

  • 169% gains in six days…
  • 100% gains in five days…
  • 109% gains in 12 days…
  • 217% in two days…
  • 200% gains in one month…
  • 126% in four days…
  • 225% gains in 13 days…
  • 137% gains in two days…
  • Even 416% gains in four days!

These are phenomenal victories … the kinds of returns that can help you get rich practically overnight.

And I am so excited to show you how I do it.

Now I’ll be the first to say nothing in the market is guaranteed, but I believe anyone who puts this strategy into action will have the chance to collect $200,000 this next year.

I put that much faith in this system … because it is my best strategy to date.

So I hope you take this opportunity seriously.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow at 1 p.m. EST by going to www.PrecisionProfitsLive.com. Jeff Yastine and I will go LIVE on camera to give you all the details on exactly how the Precision Profits strategy works and how you can begin using it to transform your financial life within the next year.

I’m so excited for you.

I’m so excited for this.

Because we are about to make so much money together.

Get a good night’s sleep … because tomorrow, you have the chance to create a very different life for yourself.

I’ll see you then.

Mike Carr, CMT
Editor, Precision Profits