The No. 1 Trader in the World

From the Desk of Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill

I’m excited you’ve decided to join us for one of the most exciting events we’ve held in our company’s history … the Precision Profits Investment Summit.

The summit will air December 7 at 1 p.m. EST and last for about an hour. In it we’ll share the exciting details behind a breakthrough trading strategy called Precision Profits.

This strategy is so powerful that in the last three years it has helped a small group of beta testers witness total winning gains of over — get this — 6,000%.

That’s enough to turn a small portfolio of just $10,000 into $600,000 in profits … over $200,000 each year.

However, I’m not going to make you wait until December 7 to give you the full details.

I’d like to share some of those details with you now … so that, over the next few days, you can be fully prepared by time the summit airs, to get the most out of your experience.

You’re going to hear from me … but you’ll also hear from the man behind this strategy that has helped these beta testers revolutionize their dreams for retirement as they’ve watched enormous profits flow in to their bank accounts.

That man is Michael Carr.

However, most just call him “Mike.”

Mike ranks among the top traders in the world and has developed proprietary algorithmic strategies that put 99.9% of the investment world to shame.

For example, Mike introduced his “Peak Velocity Trader” strategy earlier this year that, in recent months, has helped subscribers see incredible gains as high as 91%, 116% and even 318%.

But his Precision Profits strategy just might be Mike’s most impressive strategy to date…

Check out some of the feedback he’s received on the service so far:

“In just two trades, I have made over $50,000 which is so exciting. To watch and anticipate the opening bell today and see it execute precisely as you instructed truly defines ‘Precision Profits.’” — Edward S.

Gains of 251% and 354% on this one — you are really rocking it!” — Jerry D.

“I made $24,000 this morning. Very happy. Thanks!” — Morgan S.

“I am up over $77,000 in less than 4 months!” — Greg E.

“Michael Carr, you are the man. Outstanding.” — Manny C.

The incredible thing is that these are just a few of the emails we’ve received from these beta testers expressing their enormous gratitude for Mike and his service.

Some of them have written in to say these are the biggest profits they’ve ever seen … and it’s all thanks to Mike’s expert analysis and keen trading insights.

Which is going to make what I’m about to tell you next all the more remarkable…

One of the Most Remarkable Men I’ve Ever Met

Mike didn’t follow a traditional path on his road to becoming a world-class trader. He didn’t earn his credentials on Wall Street.  He doesn’t hold a degree in finance.

In fact, Mike acquired his immense trading skillset in the most unlikely of places…

The U.S. military.

Most people don’t know this … but at one point, Mike was the guy with his hand on the big red button.

I’m talking about THE button that, once pressed, could initiate a full scale nuclear attack capable of blowing up an entire country.

You see, Mike was a nuclear missile architect for the U.S. Air Force back in the late ‘80s. He was one of the few people responsible for programming the missiles to make sure they hit their targets with perfect precision.

But Mike wasn’t just an excellent programmer.

He had a rare discipline that made him well suited to one of the top jobs in our nation’s military.

Actually launching the initiation sequence on the missiles that he helped design.

For over a year, Mike was sent to live underground in a top-secret bunker in the middle of Nebraska. At any given moment, an alarm would blare giving him exactly three seconds to hit the button that, for all he knew would launch an all-out nuclear assault.

Of course, these were just “practice runs.” The Air Force understood that if a full-scale nuclear war were to break out, someone would have to hit the button with zero hesitation. And they knew Mike was just the man.

As you can imagine, not everyone can perform this kind of function.

Most would crack under the pressure … knowing that with a single click of a button, they could blow up half the world. The stress would eat them alive.

Not Mike.

He had a fierce commitment to discipline that, for many years, made him one of the most critical behind-the-scenes members of our nation’s military.

The Right Set of Skills

That’s what makes Mike so special…

Not only did he have the technological savviness to program one of the most critical and delicate weapons in our nation’s military, he had the fierce discipline to execute even the most monolithic of tasks.

It was only later on that he learned he could apply this same skillset to designing trading algorithms with the same razor-sharp accuracy as his nuclear missiles.

Ever since … he’s been sought out by some of the top financial institutions in the world to educate, train and equip others with the precise tools and skillsets they need to become world-class traders.

And we get to call him our very own here at Banyan Hill.

That’s why I want to make sure you tune in to watch Mike deliver the Precision Profits Investment Summit on December 7 at 1 p.m. EST.

Mike will show you exactly how he applied his military skillset to design the fiercest, most formidable trading strategies in the world.

And he’ll explain exactly why the Precision Profits strategy just might be his most remarkable strategy to date.

Case in point: Over the past three years … the S&P 500 has risen 43%…

The total winning trades in the Precision Profits strategy however has given people like you the chance to grow their money by 6,000%.

That’s 139 times faster than the nation’s benchmark.

Now he’d be the first person to say that nothing in the market is guaranteed — but I think his work will speak for itself.

I hope you’re as excited as I am to see this strategy put in to action.

When you see it for yourself, you’ll realize why Precision Profits might just be our biggest breakthrough to date…

And you’ll understand exactly why I am so happy to have a man like Mike on my team … helping others like you to grow the wealth they’ve always dreamed of.

We’ll see you on December 7 at

Make sure to read all your emails until then. Tomorrow you’ll hear from Mike Carr himself … about how he traded his way from a $30,000 a year salary to amassing an incredible fortune that has him set for the rest of his life (and then some).

Keep an eye out tomorrow … you don’t want to miss it.


Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director