The Master Trader’s Secret to BIG GAINS

From Michael Carr
Certified Market Technician
Founder, the Precision Profits Strategy

Mike Carr here.

If you missed Jeff’s blog post yesterday, take a moment to read it now. If you’re not familiar with me and my work, Jeff honored me with a flattering introduction that tells you a little about my background and how I came to design record-beating trading strategies like the one we’ll show you December 7 at the Precision Profits Investment Summit.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this event.

This is an event unlike any we’ve ever held in our company’s history.

In fact, everything my team has done for the past three years has been leading up to this one incredible moment.

And I’m so glad that you get to be part of it.

The market-timing strategy that I will reveal (called Precision Profits) during this one hour event could make you flat out rich.

That’s not my hope or my wishful thinking … that’s based on hard-core proof.

Here’s the facts — my Precision Profits strategy has posted more than 6,000% in total winning gains over the last three years — which is 243 times more than the stock market has made!

Yes, 243 times more!

And a small group of beta testers … people who are no different than you … have had the chance to make money hand over fist.

In the last few months alone we’ve seen profits of 226%, 200%, 251% and even 417% (tomorrow, I am going to show you a chart that shows you 31 triple-digit gains we made!).

And these beta testers have reported massive gains.

Here’s three recordings that I just heard this morning…

Hence, is why you can see that I fully expect you will be able to make $200,000 in profits over the next year.

Anything less would be a disappointment.

But first, I want to let you how I came across my secret Precision Profits strategy.

From Coding Nuclear Missiles to Making Fortunes.

As Jeff mentioned yesterday, I came into the trading world by something of an “accident.”

I was a serviceman in the U.S. Air Force. I had the unique privilege to design a modern-day communications network in our nation’s Pentagon (basically an early version of the internet) as well as program our nation’s nuclear missile arsenal to hit their targets with needlepoint accuracy.

One day, a high-ranking service member approached me and told me something that would change my life forever.

“Mike, this stuff you’re doing … if you applied it to the stock market, you could make millions off it and never have to work another day in your life.”

It was an idea I had never considered before.

I knew a little about the market … but didn’t think about what else I could do with my abilities as a programmer. At that point, I certainly never thought to use them to design trading strategies.

But once that seed was planted in the back of my mind, it changed everything.

Shortly after, I became obsessed with trading.

I began applying my skills as a programmer to the stock market, designing trading strategies that target unique “profit windows” that identify the precise moments to enter and exit a trade.

For example, I identified an opportunity in a little company called Cisco Systems in the early ‘90s. As you may know, Cisco would go on to become the single largest company in the world … a half a billion-dollar firm by the end of the decade.

All told, the stock shot up 96,000%.

I suddenly went from making a $30,000 salary in the military to having more money than I ever dreamed of.

Word quickly spread about what I was doing.

Dozens of my friends in the Air Force started coming to me for advice. I even helped that service member I mentioned avoid a nightmare collision in tech stocks and make tens of thousands of dollars while the market was crashing.

Once I retired…

I started to get calls to come work on Wall Street.

I told them, “no, thanks.”

I’m not a Wall Street guy.

Besides, I could tell they were doing everything wrong.

Those on Wall Street devour every single piece of data they can get their hands on. Price-to-Earnings, Sharpe Ratios, Bollinger Bands … the list goes on and on. They have an entire army of analysts at their disposal to run over every technical and fundamental indicator known to man … scouring the market for the best opportunity in the best sector to make a lot of money fast.

It works well enough for them.

They can make their 5%, 10% and maybe even 20% a year.

But I found a better way.

A way to make 2,000% a year.

You see, since I didn’t have a formal background on Wall Street, I didn’t follow the “rules” to becoming a master trader.

I charted my own path.

And I stumbled in to a secret that 99.9% of traders miss … a secret that has given me the good fortune to live my life the way I want to with zero financial concerns to speak of.

I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag all at once (I will go in to more detail during the webinar), but I can tell you that what I discovered is this:

The average trader focuses on everything…

But the master trader focuses on ONE thing.

This is common sense on some level.

When you think about it, this basic principle applies to all aspects of work and in life.

A good college trains you to think critically in all areas … then asks you to hone in and focus on ONE field of study.

In the military, everyone goes through boot camp … but each service member then begins to focus on ONE specialty.

Walk into any company, and it will be divided in to various departments … each focusing on ONE layer of the business.

The same is true of the stock market. You have to find ONE indicator that gives you the highest degree of certainty possible that a stock is about to go up (or down).

But amazingly, most traders fail to apply this basic principle of ONE.

They scour through every data point and indicator they can get their hands on … throwing as many darts at the wall as possible hoping one will stick.

However, when you apply the ONE indicator that can predict if a stock is about to rise or fall, it can take all the guesswork out and can increase your investment returns as much as 10-fold.

Of course, the key is finding that ONE indicator.

Well, I’m proud to say … I finally found it…

An indicator that I’ve kept secret — until now.

On Thursday, at 1 p.m. EST, I’ll reveal everything.

How you can use this ONE indicator … the secret to my Precision Profits strategy … to aim for total gains of 2,000% a year.

Just think, at this very moment next week, you could be on your way to making $200,000 next year.

As mentioned, over the last three years, I’ve given a small group of beta testers access to this exact strategy. And they’ve had the chance to turn a small portfolio of just $10,000 into $600,000.

Those who invested more could have seen their money rise in the millions.

Now I’ll be the first to say nothing in the market’s guaranteed — but I believe my data speaks for itself.

I’ve waited long and hard to “fine tooth” this strategy to absolute perfection … waiting for the right moment before I reveal my Precision Profits strategy to the general public.

That moment is now.

And I couldn’t be more excited.

When you tune in, you’ll see how the Precision Profits strategy puts most other trading strategies to shame and how it can help you get your first $10,000 in the next month … and $200,000 in the next year.

You’ll get all the details on December 7.

Make sure you mark your calendar for 1 p.m. EST.

Set aside a full hour just in case it runs over — I don’t want you to miss any of this incredible trading strategy that is already changing lives as we speak.

All you have to do is go to and the summit will air live at 1 p.m. EST.

Be sure to check your email throughout the week.

Lots of great lessons are coming your way that will help you get the most out of the summit — including the ONE indicator I found that has allowed me to live the retirement of my dreams … and that powers the very strategy I’ll reveal to you December 7.

Simply visit to see what else I have posted leading up to the summit.

One Final Favor

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If you could, give this phone number a call …

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If you could do this within the next hour or so, that would be wonderful! I plan to check the messages later today and I’d love to hear from you. (With your permission, we may share your responses anonymously with your fellow attendees. So only leave a voicemail if you’re comfortable with us sharing!)


We have exciting plans for this weekend.

As I mentioned, I’m going to show you an incredible chart featuring 31 triple-digit winners the Precision Profits strategy has posted … winning gains that have totaled up to 6,000% over the last three years.

But I’m also going to tell you exactly what that ONE indicator is … the indicator behind the Precision Profits strategy that makes it so powerful.

So make sure you check your messages tomorrow.

When you see it, you’ll be amazed how so many traders missed it … and you’ll understand how it can turn trading into one of the simplest and most methodical aspects of one’s life.

I’m excited to share it with you … you won’t be disappointed.

Again, if you missed yesterday’s blog post, take a moment to read it now. You can also head over to to see all the great material we’ve published leading up to this historic event.


Michael Carr, CMT
Editor, Precision Profits