How We Double Our Chance for Trading Success

(And Increase Our Profits by 20 Times or More!)

It’s true what they say that old habits die hard. Bad habits die even worse.

Fortunately, my bad habit isn’t the worst you can have…

I’m a knuckle cracker.

I’ve been one since I was a teenager.

Not only do I love the sound it makes … but I love the way it feels. Every time I crack my knuckles before sitting to write at my computer, it’s like my own little ritual that’s says I’m ready to work.

The truth is that cracking your knuckles is pretty harmless … but we didn’t always used to think that.

The conventional wisdom used to be that if you grew up cracking your knuckles, you were giving yourself a one-way ticket to arthritis in your early 50s.

My mother reminded me of this constantly.

Every time I’d do it, she’d give me the same when you’re older, you’ll wish you hadn’t done that talk (personally, I think she just hated the sound!).

It wasn’t until my late 40s when I learned that cracking your knuckles is completely harmless.

It’s not the sound of your bones cracking or even your joints rubbing together.

It’s actually the sound your joints make when pockets of air rapidly escape from them.

That’s it. Air pockets.

This is just one of the many cases when the “conventional wisdom” on a subject was far from correct. In this case, the connection between cracking your knuckles and arthritis was just a myth!

I’d like to dispel another myth for you today.

And it comes down to a master trader’s most critical (yet controversial) tool at his disposal. It’s a way for you to target precise profit windows to make a lot of money fast.

I’m talking about options.

An option is a simple trade you can make in your brokerage account to target a lot of gains very quickly.

If you’ve ever bought a house, you’re familiar with the concept. If you sign a contract to buy a house for $100,000 and you put a deposit down for $2,000 to “lock in” that contract, it’s the same idea. And it comes with a LOT of different benefits.

For example, let’s say a surveyor approaches you to let you know that Thomas Edison once lived at your home. Now, rather than $100,000, your home is worth $500,000.

That’s incredible. Because you signed a contract saying you ONLY have to pay $100,000. That’s a $400,000 profit … all from putting up one measly $2,000 contract.

On the other hand, if that same surveyor approaches you and says your house is built on an active fault line and your house is now only worth $10,000 … that’s okay. Because you never actually bought the home. You never invested the full $100,000. All you’ll lose is the $2,000 contract. Which is a lot better than the $90,000 you otherwise would have lost had you purchased the home outright.

That’s the glory of options.

You could spend a lot of money to buy the stock outright.

Or you could spend less money with an option to get the exact same benefit.

This way you’re able to rack up a lot of gains very quickly. And you can avoid a lot of the risks that normally come with buying stocks.

Of course nothing is guaranteed in the markets. And every financial strategy comes with some degree of risk. But the potential here is clear … and you get the opportunity to make a lot of money very quickly.

So If Options Are So Great… Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Them?

Unfortunately, options get a bad rap.

In fact, you’ve likely heard some of the common criticisms in the past.

They’re too complicated. Too difficult. Too risky. Things like that.

The truth is that if you don’t know what you’re doing, yes, options can be very risky.

But you can say the same about anything!

You wouldn’t grab some guy on the street to perform brain surgery on your uncle … or expect your mailman to be able to strap himself into a cockpit and fly an airplane. Of course, that’s absurd. You’d never do either. But you would pick an actual brain surgeon with 30 years of experience in the medical field … and you would pick an actual airline pilot with 10 million miles under his belt.

Trading options is the same way.

In the hands of an expert trader, trading options is as easy as rowing a boat or frying an egg.

And the truth is, they’re perfectly safe if you take the right steps to protect yourself.

What’s more, they come with three unique advantages that have helped me target HUGE gains for my readers.

(In fact, this is the secret to how I’ve helped Precision Profits beta testers target 6,008% in total winning gains over the last three years).

For one…

Options Are Cheaper

For example … if you were to buy stock in Amazon today, you’d be expected to have to fork over about $1,000 for the pleasure. For a single share.

Meanwhile, you could pay a small fraction of the price to own the option — $5 at most.

Of course, our goal is to double our money — to make 100% or more.

If I had to ask you which is easier — doubling your money in the $1,000 stock or the $5 option — you’d instinctively think the option.

And you’d be correct.

It’s a lot easier for an option to increase by $5 than it is for a stock to increase by $1,000. In both cases you double your money. But one helped you reach your goal a lot quicker.

Which brings me to the second advantage…

Options Are Faster

Now don’t get me wrong … I have no doubt in my mind that Amazon stock could double in the years ahead.

There’s no reason $1,000 can’t rise to $2,000. Especially with a company like Amazon’s growth trajectory.

But I wouldn’t waste my time betting my own money on it.

Because honestly … if Amazon stock does double from here … it may only do so over a period of many years.

I’m talking two, three, four or more.

Many people would be happy to get that kind of return over four years.

But I’m telling you that with the option … you could double your money in mere days.

We’ve seen it over and over again in Precision Profits.

  • On the option for Big Lots … we saw a 109% gain in 12 days.
  • On the option for Cabela’s … we saw 126% in four
  • On the option for Intel … 156% in just over one month.
  • On the option for Carnival Corporation … 124% in six days…
  • On the option for Vail Resorts … 217% (a triple!) in just TWO days…

The list goes on and on.

At most, the longest we ever hold an option for is about three months … which is still 12 times faster than holding a stock for three years.

Which is why using options is a no brainer.

But there’s one other aspect of options that I love…

Options Help You Make Money When Stocks Tank

This is where it gets really interesting.

You don’t have to stick to stocks that go up.

With a small tweak, you can buy an option that actually allows you to make money when the stock is FALLING.

It’s all about placing your bets.

You can buy an option to correlate with a stock’s rise.

You can buy an option to correlate with a stock’s fall.

Fortunately, thanks to our profit windows, we know within the highest degree of certainty exactly when that’s about to happen. And we buy the option to go along with it.

I’ll show you plenty of examples of options I recommended to Precision Profits beta testers that absolutely CRUSHED it as the correlating stock was crashing.

Bottom line, it’s a great option (no pun intended) to have in your tool bag.

The market’s been hot for many years now … but stocks always fall eventually. Nothing moves in a straight line forever.

But with Precision Profits, that’s no concern. Because up or down, we’re making money.

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